What would you do after SPM?

After SPM?

What would you do after SPM? There are actually many choices.

Take STPM: For those in STAR you will need to transfer school since STAR does not have Form Six. There are a number of schools offering Form Six in Kuala Lumpur including the Victoria Institution. One of my sons went there after Form Five. But STPM is not a chicken ride, accoding to one teacher it is one of the toughest school examinations in the world. I can't verify this since I never sat for STPM.

Matriculation College: This is easiest passport to universities. There are about 15 government-funded matriculation colleges (including 2 managed by MARA) in the country and they offer matriculation courses from one year to two years in three streams; technical, science and accounting.

Since these are government-funded colleges, they pay you for attending. It used to be RM1,000 per semester but I don't know the figure right now.

To know more about matriculation, click HERE 

Besides Ministry of Education and MARA, you can apply for matriculation courses at various other universities like University Malaya, UTP etc. Normally university matriculation is much tougher to get in, sometimes you need 8 straight As to get in.

Overseas: If you are good, you may be chosen for overseas colleges. MARA offers scholarships for overseas colleges but you need to do your A-level or IB locally. JPA also offers overseas scholarships but since they are based on merit, they are quite tough to get. There are other organizations (governmental or otherwise that offer overseas scholarships) including PETRONAS and we will include them under scholarship section.

Diploma At IPTA: It used to be a popular choice for school-leavers. But I don't recommend this. It's much better for you to do matriculation than to do a diploma. Previously, UITM offered only diploma couses but later on they added Advanced Diploma but now they offer degree courses besides diploma. UPM and UTM were also popular for diploma courses at one time. After SPM, I went to UITM but I did an external course (not a diploma) so when I joined a government agency they put me as an A officer - the same as those with degrees. If you have a diploma, if you join a government service, you will join with a lower pay and lower grade. For private sector, most will offer you only technician position if you have an engineering diploma and a book-keeper if you have an accounting diploma. With the high number of unmeployed graduates, diploma holders will be at a disadvantage.

Technical Colleges: There are many technical colleges which offer hands-on experience for those too tired of academic slugging. The best are BMI and GMI - both managed by MARA. Most oil and gas companies give priority to those from BMI and GMI. A nephew of mine graduated from BMI with a diploma and he's earning tens of thousands of ringgit a month as a technician with an oil contractor in Iraq. Most multinationals prefer BMI or GMI graduates for technical posts compared to those from local polytechnics or other institutions. But it is your choice, you can choose from MARA-managed technical colleges to polytechnics to Institut kemahiran if your SPM results are not that good. 

Get A Job: It's up to you. But this ought to be your last choice. You can get up to RM1,000 a month but who can live on RM1,000 nowadays.