The complicated case of Ariff Alfian Rosli

This is from the Star:-

A Royal Malaysian Navy retiree in search of his son who has been missing since 2008 is now in a predicament after Petronas recently issued a summons demanding repayment of the latter's education loan, Utusan Malaysia reported. Petronas is claiming over RM890,000 from Rosli Haron, 56, for the loan taken by his son Ariff Alfian Rosli, 28, to study medicine at the University College Dublin, Ireland in 2003.

"I do not have enough money from my pension to settle the amount. Already my family is suffering from the loss of our child and now we are facing a summons, too." Rosli said Ariff had to continue a few semesters in 2008, but Petronas refused to sponsor the expenses of over 38,000 (RM160,000) a year.

He had advised Ariff to continue his studies in Malaysia, but his son was adamant to graduate in Dublin and had not made any contact since. Rosli had lodged missing persons reports with the police, Wisma Putra, and the Irish and Malaysian embassies in both countries, and had made eight trips to Dublin to look for his son.

This is a report from Anak Bukit Gantang:-

Ariff Alfian Rosli, Petronas sponsored student of University College Dublin married a guy named Jonathan.

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#55 Medinabatrisya January 2012
hey,dkhalidahma d....we all not interfere his personal life...what we do now is to express our dissatisfaction ...ariff is a muslim,he should study hard as he already receive an advantage from PETRONAS.But what he doing in Dublin?married wz guy?can u accept if ur son do thats to you?what is the true love....u cannot found a true love in human..human are not perfect...true love is belong to God THE y a fool will become a gay/ d stupid will support them...think...
#54 Whitewinter January 2012
agree wz u
#53 Kittycomel January 2012
actually all scholars are fully explained that they hv to pass every exams. Its using govt money aka msian people tax so each scholars must be responsible about working hard n passing their exams. Parents are usualy the guarantors n parents are fully made to understand that should the scholar fails then the guarantors has to pay back every cent. Malaysia is not a rich country n cant afford to sponsor students who fail in their exams.
nobody force ariff to accept the scholarship in the first place. To get a better picture , MOST scholars do well in their exams. Those who dont are usually not studying hard or else they were spending their free time on other things rather than studying. Its no too difficult to at least pass in medical school n the failure rate is not really high.
PETRONAS shouldnt be blamed for ariff's failure. For goodness sake , WHY IS IT MAJORITY OF SCHOLARS do not fail in their exam? If ariff had really want to complete his studies then his parents should hv fork out that rm 160K for him. And wat about his dublin bf? he should hv try to pay for ariff's fees for that final RM 160K.
#52 Drsuzana December 2011
A big sins as muslim. Tak selamat dunia akhirat. Everythg he did was wrong. From cheating msians money to his personal life.
#51 neutral December 2011
lol. refer to the agreement/contr act between them first before you discriminate the petronas' action.
#50 Wahzizi December 2011
Have and spare a thought for this guy who is obviously quite intelligent if he could make it 5/6 years at Dublin in a Med School. What his sexual orientation should not stand in our way of judgement. If only Petronas could see this..
#49 Anjali87 December 2011
I was told about this by a doctor when i visited a clinic for fever/throat treatment last week. According to the doctor, it is a pity that Ariff has to quit his studies with just about 2 semesters left and only need around RM160K more to complete his studies. It is common for some students to repeat because they need more time to complete certain papers. What more when he was already doing his clinical studies and 5/6 of his course was already completed. The doctor was certain that Ariff can complete his studies and be a qualified doctor if Petronas had been more patient and continued the sponsor. With Petronas being too strict here, it is actually causing a lot of problem and stress for Ariff as well as his family. Ariff also has to resort to being gay after being abandoned by the sponsor and scolded by the family and to survive in another country. Petronas need to do proper evaluation and exercise some reasonable care not to destroy innocent lives by just cutting the cord of if you do not want the student. It is Petronas who first identify Ariff for sponsor after his SPM and took him to Ireland for studies, so they should be equally responsible for this. Furthermore, what is Petronas Students Affairs Officers doing in London????? Enjoying themselves??? Are they not doing their job to look after Ariff as their charge?
#48 Litmusdevil December 2011
I don't care about his personal life, but he has to pay up the tax payer's money.
#47 MANS.... December 2011
what the fark...thats how our TAX PAYER's MONEY IS SPENT !!! PLEASE PAY BACK WHATEVER YOU OWE TO PETRONAS since uve spent almost 1 mill and didnt even complete ur studies....dont burden ur parents with that debt...if u would remain in Ireland and be with ur be it ...but dont put an extra burden on ur family with a 1 mill debt ..gosh
#46 Schuhart December 2011
In fairness, just because one individual goes through a civil partnership ceremony doesn't have any particular significance for whatever country he happened to be born in. Looking on it another way, I'm not particularly ashamed or otherwise that one of the parties to this particular union is Irish. I'm not even particularly bother by the fact their ceremony took place in my town - Dublin.
Anyway, to mark this day for the happy couple, maybe some of your internet weirdoes should see what some of our internet weirdoes say about the topic. I'm linking a thread from Ireland's biggest online political discussion forum.
Do bear in mind that, by definition, all of the comments on that thread are made by folk with nothing better to do than surf the internet.